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The Advantages of Transpersonal Counseling

It is primarily a process of uncovering the source of the problem rather than covering up the problem. Transpersonal counseling offers insights to explain those elements of an individual which contribute to the problems such as culture, loved ones, friends, the media, and religion. With a 19% projected growth, transpersonal counseling may be a good… Continue reading The Advantages of Transpersonal Counseling

transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal Psychology definition and its cure through counseling

The subdivision of psychology which integrates the transcendent and spiritual aspect of a human’s experience by frame working modern psychology is known as Transpersonal Psychology. They can also be defined as Spiritual psychology. A transpersonal therapist cares about you and attempts to keep a bonding of oneness. Their main focus is helping patients in achieving spiritual enlightenment… Continue reading Transpersonal Psychology definition and its cure through counseling